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Specialist Training

Advanced Interviewing Techniques (4 days)

Course Code: AITC

In the right hands, advanced interviewing techniques are a powerful tool and therefore an essential part of the investigative journalist toolkit. Advanced interviewing techniques are utilised by law enforcement agencies as it focuses on the interviewer's ability to engage with an interviewee whether victim, eyewitness or wrongdoer. Interviewing is a complex interaction between two parties, each of whom have their own motivation, agenda or story to tell. Our course will enhance your skills as an interviewer, providing you with the ability to probe an interviewee by asking the questions that matter based on a number of factors. This allows you to achieve a detailed account that provides a clear, concise insight into events or subject being discussed. The course will allow you to engage with the most challenging or distressed individuals and to produce a quality interview during which you get to the heart of the matter, therefore improving the quality of your investigative journalism or documentary filmmaking.

Undercover Journalism Training (5 days)

Course Code: UCJC

Can you identify an undercover operative is in this photograph? Contact us and we will give you the answer. People often have preconceived ideas about undercover work, it isn't all cloak and dagger, it’s about trained individuals who can act naturally in challenging situations. It is not all about following a script or changing your personality, it's about learning to adapt to an environment and the ability to communicate at all levels of our diverse society. Some people have a natural aptitude for this type of work, whilst it will not suit others. At FiG Media Group, we aim to develop your natural ability, to provide you with the skills needed to become a successful operator. We test your ability to the limit and if successful, we will assist you to find deployments, whilst you explore the amazing world of undercover journalism and the rewards it can bring. If you believe you have what it takes, contact us for more information.

Management training in undercover deployments (4 days)

Course Code: UCJMC

Managing an undercover deployment is both challenging and rewarding, it can also fail disastrously if the correct practices are not put in place. With so many considerations such as legality, compromise, safety and welfare, it is essential that those who manage deployments are equipped with the right skills from the outset, thereby protecting themselves, their staff and your company from adverse criticism or litigation. Managing an undercover operative is not simply a legal sign off, it’s about understanding operational pitfalls, managing expectation and where necessary tugging on the reigns to avoid unnecessary situations developing. At FiG Media Group we aim to complement current practices by teaching theoretical and practical disciplines to ensure that you or your managers have all the right skills to successfully manage deployments, enabling you to lead from the front, not the sideline. Contact FiG Media for further information on this course.

Advanced Source Handling (CHIS) (3 day)

Course Code: ASHC

Source handling (CHIS) is an art that is developed over time, learning to understand a source's motivation and ability is essential to ensure that both you and they remain safe. Understanding how to cultivate and develop a source is not an easy task, it could take weeks, months even years. Knowing how to react to developing situations that impact on their performance or safety takes experience and discipline. Knowing how to document your encounters with your source, is one of the most important aspects of source handling, as it is this that will protect you and your source should things go wrong. These are just some of the skills you need to become a successful source handler. Sources can be valuable assets, however, they can also be dangerous, if you fail to understand their motivational needs or meet their level of expectation. At FiG Media Group we will teach you the essential skills of source handling, our intensive course has been specially designed for those who want to learn how to cultivate and handle sources as well as those currently handling sources.

Management of Source (CHIS) Handlers (3 day)

Course Code: MSHC

Do you managing staff who handle sources (CHIS) but you are unsure of the legality or safety of the relationship? Historically, this has been the pitfall for many agencies who utilise source intelligence. The situation has changed, with the implementation of systems to monitor the activities of handlers and undercover operatives. Are you aware of the potential value of the sources that you or your staff handle? Or could a member of staff be at risk of ethical or criminal compromise by a source? At FiG Media Group we teach managers to understand the legalities, benefits, and pitfalls of source handling, as well as how to manage your handlers and information they attain. We will also teach you what you need to do if and when things go wrong, as well as how to remedy the situation. At FiG Media Group, we ensure that you are equipped with the tools to manage the most complex situations, to ensure that you, your staff and organisation remain protected. Contact us for more details.

Surveillance Awareness (3 day)

Course Code: SAC

Are you a or journalist or member of a film crew regularly deploying in environments where you’re likely to encounter anti or counter surveillance by third parties who seek to compromise your activities, safety or high-value equipment. In an ever-changing world, more and more journalists and film crews are becoming the subject of surveillance when not engaged in extreme hostile environments. At FiG Media Group our surveillance trainers are some of the best in the UK. They have developed a three-day defensive surveillance awareness course, specifically for reporters and their crews who wish to develop their situational awareness for their day to day work. It teaches students basic tradecraft that will assist them to avoid compromise as well as improving your awareness of issues that impact your personal safety as well as the security of high-value equipment. This is not a HEAT replacement course; please contact us for more details.

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