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Investigation Consultancy

At FiG Media Group, we provide a dynamic investigation consultancy service, tailored to meet the needs of our client’s. Supported by a wide range in-house or partner agencies solutions we offer a first class and unique service.


Our consultants are highly experienced expert investigators, with backgrounds in the management of high-level sensitive law enforcement operations and investigations. Some have National Security vetting and are well placed to advise on national/international investigations, whether reactive or proactive.


Utilising detailed planning techniques, risk analysis & mitigation, they will advise on a variety of intelligence/evidence gathering techniques, including the use of sensitive intelligence; deployment of physical & technical assets that will allow you, our client to develop short/long-term project solutions.


Our aim is to provide you with a blueprint for your investigation utilising budgetary controls that will add value to projects by identifying strategic opportunities for development. This has the effect of reducing your costs, improved performance and will lead to a superior investigative end product.


Whether you require simple investigative guidance; a full review of a current/historical investigation or whether your seeking solutions to bring about a successful conclusion to your investigation, give FiG Media Group a call or contact us via email by clicking on the "Confidential contact" button below.


FiG Media Group will never disclose your investigation to third parties as confidentially is at the heart of our business.