About  FiG Media Group

Welcome to FiG Media Group, a dynamic collaborative that brings together a unique blend of media talent and ex-law enforcement experts, to form a production company focused on producing groundbreaking investigative content for television, print, radio, digital and social media.


Created by Rod Austin, after successfully completing the highly selective Channel 4 “Dispatches” Investigative Journalism programme, FIG Media Group is set to challenge the way in which rival production companies operate, report and create productions, by providing an expert investigative toolbox not currently available in the industry.


Rod has over 20 years experience working within New Scotland Yard’s Serious & Organised crime command, where he specialised in covert operations targeting organised criminal networks involved in major drug and firearms trafficking, contracts to kill as well as kidnap robbery and money laundering. His wide-ranging skills also include the management of covert and undercover operations and advanced source handling. An expert in the management of covert national/international law enforcement operations, his skills include detailed planning techniques; management and use of sensitive intelligence; risk analysis & mitigation; deployment of physical & human assets; preparation of evidence; physical & technical evidence-gathering techniques, dynamic problem-solving solutions. He adds value to projects by identifying strategic opportunities to improve performance. With an outstanding knowledge of legal practices, he ensures effective results for investigations. Rod is an effective communicator, with the ability to provide detailed reports & presentations at all levels.

FiG Media Group’s primary functions include investigative journalism, documentary filmmaking, an investigation consultancy, advice to authors, producers and directors as well as specialist training (undercover journalism, source handling and surveillance awareness and investigative interviewing techniques).


Supported by a number of significant creative advisors and specialists in the fields of journalism, broadcast, filmmaking and specialist training, FiG Media Group is the one-stop company to fulfil your needs. Explore our website and contact us, we are here to help.